Workshop Information

Date and Time: September 26-27, 9AM-3PM Central Time
Location: MSOE Alumni Partnership Center (APC), 1120 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Parking information: Parking lots "Milwaukee B" and "Broadway" (see the campus map below)
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Acknowldement: We thank the generous support provided by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, National Science Foundation (NSF), Comuting Community Consortium (CCC), and the Midwest Big Data Hub (MBDH)
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Workshop Schedule

September 26 Morning

  • “What is Big about Big Data?” T. B. Patrick, Health Informatics and Administration, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee
  • “Big Data in Light Therapy Clinical Trials” Janis Eells, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • "A Massively Parallelized Global Alignment Sequence Taxonomy Pipeline for Characterizing Microbiomes” Aurash Mohaimani, Genomics Center, School of Freshwater Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • “Research Compliance and Big Data” Thomas Marcussen, Office of Research, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • September 26 Afternoon

  • "Using Random Projections for Big Data Processing" Mihail Popescu, Health Management and Informatics, University of Missouri- Columbia
  • Breakout Sessions: 1. “Clinical Research Informatics”; facilitator: Katie McCarthy, Director, Master Program in Medical Informatics, Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • Breakout Sessions: 2. “Omics Research”; facilitators: T. B. Patrick and Aurash Mohaimani
  • September 27 Morning

  • “Big Data Simulation for Precision Clinical Trials” Kourosh Ravvaz, Aurora Health Care
  • “Strategic Directions in Healthcare Big Data Research” Jacob Krive, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • "Stage-Specific Predictive Models for Breast Cancer Survivability" Rohit Kate, Health Informatics and Administration, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee
  • September 27 Afternoon

  • Quality and Outcome Research Using Data in Rehabilitation Mark Johnston, Occupational Science and Technology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Breakout Sessions: 1. “Health Services Research”; facilitator: Ron Cisler, Dean, College of Health Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Breakout Sessions: 2. "Educational Needs for Big Data Clinical Research" ; facilitator: Katie McCarthy
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